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Talent Development

Next-Generation Leaders

Next-Generation Talent Development – The senior generation has dedicated their professional lives to building the family business. As parents you want your children to have fulfilling personal and professional lives. While the independence of the next generation is important, they will likely be the owners and stewards of the family enterprise in the future. Developing the next generation so they can find their own path in the world but stay connected to the family enterprise is critical to the future of the family enterprise that you have worked so hard to build.

We have extensive experience working with the senior and next generation to develop comprehensive next-generation development programs that are a combination of high-quality group education and coaching/mentoring.

  • Coaching/Mentoring: Our approach to coaching and mentoring of the next generation is unique. We apply our deep understanding of family businesses and help the next generation to “connect the dots” between their professional interests and roles in the family business
  • Group Education: We work with you to design a bespoke education curriculum that will prepare the next generation to work together, make decisions, and ultimately steward your family’s business assets

Assess skills and interests

Personalized coaching develops individual paths to contribute to the family enterprise.

Develop a culture of growth and collaboration

Trainings and programming harness unique talents, manage conflict, build trust, and practice world-class communication.

Find a path for everyone

Form a high-performing next generation team who each earn their individual positions in ownership and leadership.

It is a long and challenging path for the next generation to become a high-performing team and earn their positions in ownership and leadership. Shortening that path is the goal of our training. We’ve developed a comprehensive approach to developing next generation teamwork and professional skills through in-depth assessment, one-on-one coaching, group education, and leadership development.

GTA doesn’t come once ever 8 weeks and give us a formulaic recommendation, you work with us to craft a solution that works for us.

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