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Nearly all successful family businesses are rooted in incredible stories of entrepreneurial success. During generational transition, the challenge becomes maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit: How do you foster an entrepreneurial mindset among members of the next generation?

You may also be seeing new competitors threatening your legacy – disruptive business models are becoming more common – and for any family business to survive it must remain innovative and driven by entrepreneurship.

At GTA we believe – and know from experience – that entrepreneurial thinking and drive can be developed in individuals. We specialize in creating bespoke entrepreneur development programs for family businesses. Our programs provide a powerful combination of coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs and group education.

Through our entrepreneurship programs, we will:

  • Foster individual growth and development; build confidence and independence in the next generation
  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset so the next generation can be independent and contribute to new areas of growth for the family enterprise
  • Educate the next generation on collaboration: building their sense of team and connection to each other while enhancing their effectiveness as future owners and officers
  • Connect entrepreneurial ideas to the family businesses

It is a long and challenging path for the next generation to become a high-performing team and earn their positions in ownership and leadership. Shortening that path is the goal of our training. We’ve developed a comprehensive approach to developing next generation teamwork and professional skills through in-depth assessment, one-on-one coaching, group education, and leadership development.

We live in times of unprecedented change.

New entrants are pushing innovative products and services into the market

Disruption is a universal constant

New business models are being established that are disrupting entire businesses

Uncertainty creates opportunity

Family businesses need to be strategic about embracing entrepreneurship internally and externally


Case Study – Roastery Reset

Learn how GTA helped one family entrepreneur pivot her business and manage her partners.

As business families grow and transform into family enterprises, we observe a growing desire – partially triggered by market shifts, disruptive trends - a decreasing interest in the next generation to “just” take over the legacy business and to be more entrepreneurial.

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