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Who We Are

Generation Transition Advisors (GTA) is a family business advisory firm focused on helping family enterprises around the world to plan and execute effective and respectful transitions in ownership and leadership. Our firm specializes in assisting current and next-generation owners of family businesses and family offices to successfully navigate the transition from one generation to the next.

What We Do

Our work focuses on supporting the current and next generation owners in planning and executing transitions in ownership and leadership.

We work directly with the senior generation and next generation to translate their shared priorities into strategic initiatives that will help improve communication, teamwork, and decision-making in the family. Our work results in our clients developing sustainable models and structures to support the long-term success of the family enterprise.

Our Mission

GTA is Your Trusted Partner in Building a Family Business which is Resilient Generation after Generation

Through our work, we aim to:

  • Help family members see patterns and dynamics that may be blocking their effectiveness in working together within and across generations as owners and leaders of the family enterprise
  • Develop the next generation’s knowledge, skills, and teamwork to have successful careers inside and outside the family business and ensure that they are well prepared for ownership and leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Support the senior and next generation in collaborating with each other in making the structural, process, and cultural changes that are needed
  • Ultimately, build strong and sustainable partnerships within and across generations

Guiding Principles

Our work is governed by the following principles:

  • We view the entire business-owning/business-controlling family as the client.
  • We assist each client family to do what is best for the family enterprise
  • We do not favor any particular individuals or constituencies within the family, and we maintain our independence and objectivity throughout our work.
  • Our work and recommendations are based on research and understanding of the experiences, principles, and best practices of family and business management of many of the highest performing business-owning families in the world.
  • We work in a highly interactive and collaborative manner with our clients. We believe that no matter how much research we have done and no matter how useful our insights may be, our clients have invaluable experience and wisdom, and much to contribute to our combined efforts.
  • We maintain confidentiality in all of our dealings with our clients. This is of the utmost importance in our work.

Our team is composed of leading experts in business strategy, organizational design, communication and negotiations, and development of the next generation.

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