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Family Office Succession

Generational Teamwork

The family office plays a critical role in many wealthy families. As owners and leaders of the family enterprise, you want the family office to provide the gravitational pull to keep family members connected to the family enterprise. If you are approaching a point of ownership and leadership transition, you are likely concerned about the next generation’s interest in wanting to use the family office because their interests and priorities differ from that of the senior generation.

At GTA, we support the family owners and the next generation to design family offices that are service-focused. Our approach is to work jointly with the senior generation and next generation to build shared alignment on the purpose of the family office and how it will support the family.

For established family offices with service and investment functions, we support the family owners with defining the role of the family in overseeing the family office and in developing ownership and leadership succession plans.

Succession is a process not an event

It is never too early to begin managing the process.

Children grow to be partners

Viewing the next generation as only children has risk – soon they are your junior partners, and in the blink of an eye, your partners – ultimately they will be owners, stewards, leaders and successors.

Fostering a Growth Mindset Creates Resilience

A focus on continuing education and talent development helps ensure successful transitions.

Unlike other family business consultants, you’ve really gotten into “our shoes,” you “get us.”

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