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Codifying Resilience

When your founding generation started your family business, decision-making was simple. Family, business, and ownership decisions were discussed and debated around the dining room table.

Your family enterprise has evolved significantly from its early years. Now there is a need to create resilient structures and processes which clearly define and differentiate where ownership, corporate, executive, and family decision making will work – and be integrated without interfering with each other.

GTA team members have experience working with large business-owning families globally to design appropriate governance structures. We recognize that most families do not know how to run high-performing Family Councils, Owner Councils, and Boards. Our objective is to design these structures with you and to develop family and non-family members as leaders who can sustain the momentum of the organization over the long term with limited intervention from advisors.

  • Our mission is to partner with large family enterprise systems globally to build resilient enterprises, which will successfully transition to the next generation
  • We believe that both the family ownership group and the next generation need to engage together to prepare for ownership and leadership transition
  • We work with the senior and next generation to develop structures, teamwork, and skills that build strong cross-generational partnerships

Create Structure

Craft world-class structures, policies, and documents.

Practice Consistent Engagement

Implement the processes to make those structures effective.

Develop Resiliency

Benefit from a stronger, more aligned, more secure family enterprise.


Case Study – Growing Respect

Celebrations With a Purpose

What has surprised us is the level of empathy that is so present in your teams. We have never trusted nor “opened ourselves up” in the way a have with GTA. However, we’re glad we have, it’s accelerated our progress in achieving our goals

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