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Advisory Services

Building a Resilient Family Business

You, your family, and your employees have dedicated their professional lives to building your family’s enterprise. Your business enterprise is an essential part of the fabric of the communities and countries in which it operates. The business assets and the family have grown in size and complexity. You and your family are at an inflection point where decisions need to be made related to both the continuity and transition of your enterprise across generations.

Our team of advisors has decades of experience advising the senior and next generation to address the following challenges:

Owner Strategy

  • Establishing a clear understanding of each owner’s interests and priorities and establishing collective alignment regarding what we want to achieve and how we want to reach our objectives
  • Building a shared understanding of purpose, vision, and values for owning significant shared family assets
  • How to manage the family wealth and expand the enterprise beyond the legacy business

Family Talent Development

  • Exploring and understanding who members of the business family are, what their talents are and the extent to which they aspire to and might add value to the family enterprise
  • Building a talent development machine which ensures we make they highest and best use of family members talent, time and efforts
  • Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in the family

Communication and Decision-making

  • Building the skills within families to communicate effectively about sensitive family and business issues
  • Understanding the overall strengths and challenges of your family business system and prioritizing the decisions to make to prepare for transition from one generation to the next
  • Navigating or resolving apparent or real misalignment of interests and priorities among the family ownership group

Set Clear Priorities

Develop a vision for the future.

Leverage Our Experience

We have worked with hundreds of families – we have seen it all and we are not afraid of the hard stuff.

Build for the Future

Develop integrated strategies for your family, ownership, and business.

Advisory Services

Case Study – Assessing Retail

A data-driven approach to changing the family business conversation

You don’t disappear for two months and come back asking, “How you do on implementing our recommendation?”…you roll up your sleeves and work with us to implement and adjust the solution.

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