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Family Employment

Responsibility and Ownership

Family employment is one of the most challenging issues to manage in family businesses. As parents and family leaders of the business, you want your children and other members of the next generation to join the family business. Attracting talented family members in the next generation to join the family businesses can be important to successfully transition the business from one generation to the next. At the same time, you want the next generation to be free to pursue their own professional aspirations. You do not want to have to manage difficult issues such as making family employment hiring decisions, deciding on promoting family members, and worst-case having to make the painful decision to let family employees go.

We have extensive experience working with family business owners and leaders to develop comprehensive family employment policies. In our approach to this work, we try to ensure the family employment policy complements the policies of HR. We guide the family through the process of writing the policy, so the policy reflects the values of the family and so it is understood by the family and non-family leaders of the business.

Our team is experienced in organizational development and coaching. We provide support to manage family employment issues. We also design and deliver performance assessments. Many of our clients value our team as an objective third party to advise on family employment issues and to conduct assessments.

Develop clear structures and policies

Structure is your friend – give family members guidance and a pathway on how to enter and advance within the business.

Practice difficult conversations

Speaking constructively and openly with family members about career paths and personal aspirations is a skill. We can help your organization master it.

Strengthen the family business

Clear structures and policies, successful conversations, and personalized assessments will ensure your enterprise gets the right people in the right positions, working harmoniously together.

It is a long and challenging path for the next generation to become a high-performing team and earn their positions in ownership and leadership. Shortening that path is the goal of our training. We have developed a comprehensive approach to developing next generation teamwork and professional skills through in-depth assessment, one-on-one coaching, group education, and leadership development.

It has amazed us to see how quickly our GTA team has not only understood who we are individually and as a group, but also understood what drives some of our not so healthy behavior and helped us correct those at the same time GTA is helping us rapidly build on our strengths.

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Family Employment

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